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About Nautic Norway

We at Nautic Norway would like to give you a good sailing experience!

Nautic Norway would like to convey the joy of sailing and offers sailing adventures along our magnificent Norwegian coast. We offer organized sailing holidays in Norway for families and businesses. Sailing is an excellent opportunity to unwind from work and everyday stress. Sailing is cooperation in a positive and social way, and great for corporate events and team building.


Nautic Norway can offer some of the most beautiful and most exclusive sailing experiences. We want to give confidence and knowledge through our sail training and maritime courses, and always put great emphasis on good service and personal attention.

Who is Nautic Norway?

Nautic Norway was established in 2001 and began with sailboat rentals and corporate events. Customization and personal service were important factors!

In 2002 we established sailing school, because we know from experience that knowledge gives confidence, which in turn increases the pleasure sailing. Today we offer courses for both beginners and advanced sailers. Furthermore, we expanded with diferent maritime courses. It is important for Nautic Norway to contribute to increased competence at the sea!

Our goal with Nautic Norway is to promote the sport of sailing, let as many as possible have the opportunity to experience sailing pleasure and feel how liberating, exciting and challenging sailing can be.

In 2006 we established BergensCup which is a corporate race for business. Nautic Norway arranged BergensCup three years in a row, and in 2007 there were about 500 people that compete in this event.

In 2007 we started cooperation with Heitman Marin for sale of Jeanneau sail yachts.

Nautic Norway wish to give their customers good follow-up, confidence and knowledge in connection with the purchase of a boat. We also arrange «Pick-boating course» as a good service for you to become a boat owner.

In 2007 Nautic Norway started as an agent for many charter companies in warmer regions. Charter companies that offer bareboat, for example in Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Caribbean, Malta, Italy and France. Since we have good experience and is known in different areas, we can guide our customers to correct and good holiday choice.

In the autumn of 2010 we took over the operation of Hjellestad Marina

Nautic Norway aims to always provide good service.